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As Unilok Corporation first succeeded in localizing instrumentation pipe fittings and valves that Korea had depended entirely on import in 1984, it is the company which specializes in production of tube fittings and valves by concentrating on research and development of pipe fittings and valves. Unilok Corporation is making great effort to promote technologies endlessly, invest in technical professionals, and find new technologies, information, and culture which lead all the employees be in unity and harmony. And it is preparing to make a leap forward again to build the best in the world market in the 21st century which is rapidly changing… Read more

UNILOK Corporation
UNILOK Corporation


Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design Technology to Create own SPEC.


Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment Complex Technology to expect twofold increase of pipe line lifetime.


Material Management

Material Management Techniques for consistent High Quality.


Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Technique for High Sealing Conditions and Corrosion Resistance.


Fool Proof

Fool Proof Technology to avoid human errors.

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Tube Fittings and Instrumentation Valves 

Tube Fittings & Instrumentation Valves is one of the most important parts of the system in many industrial area. The oil and gas system will work well if it uses the correct pipe system. For that reason, the tube fitting and the valves are needed, in order to control how the liquid will flow. Therefore it’s important to use the correct and best-quality product here.

The Importance of Tube Fitting

Best-quality tube fitting will give you a lot of benefits. However, the usage of tube fitting itself is important for your pipe system. The tube fitting main functionality is connecting pipe.  

The tube fitting will help you to make your pipe system run on the difficult place. Moreover, the tube fitting also has the ability to connect different size of pipe as well as divide the system flow. With its importance, therefore, you need to get the best product.

The Importance of Instrumentation Valves

The valves will help you to control the flow easily. With it, you will be able to decide how much liquid that you want to flow in a certain area of the pipe system.

The instrumentation valves itself can be categorized into two types. They are the controllable and fixed valves. The controllable has a handle that you can use to adjust how much liquid that will flow through it.

The other type is the fixed type. This is useful if you use the tube fitting to divide the flow and you plan to make one of the flow has a bigger volume of liquid than other. Once you install this type of valves, you don’t need to adjust it over and over.


Tube Fittings & Instrumentation Valves will help you a lot if you know how to use it and choose the right type for your pipe system. However, in order to install this product, you may need help from a professional. Without their skill, there is a big chance that you will have a problem, like leaking. Of course, you also need to get it from the right store, for the best product you can get.