Element Materials

All the element materials should satisfy chemical composition of stainless steel, mechanical properties and grain size which are specified in ASTM A 479 and SEMI F20.

ASTM No. ≤ 7 ≤ 5


Process of all the parts shall be arranged according to drawings and SEMI F44.
Illuminance shall be classified by surface treatment process and surface treatment specifications.

Surface Specification

Passivity treatment of all the parts should be done in accordance with ASTM A967.
The oxidized layer thickness of products after electrolytic polishing should be more than 20A. The ratio of chrome and iron should satisfy the rate which is specified in the following table.

Grade Atomic Percent
SEMASPEC 90120403B Cr : Fe ≥ 1.5
Cr O : Fe O ≥ 3.0

Precise Washing

Ultransonic wave and 7 steps DI washing of all the parts shall be done in accordance with the washing system of this company. Hot N2 dry shall be done after washing. The time that remained water is restored the inner part of the oil route shall be arranged by SEMI F58.


Sampling and regular weldability tests of all the parts shall be done. The weldability test shall be arranged in accordance with SEMI F78 and AWS D18.2 and should satisfy the following items.

  • Welding should be all permeated into the entire inner parts and surface.
  • Crack or gap must not be found in visual inspection.
  • Discoloration must not be found in the inner parts of welding in visual inspection. But, blue discoloration whose diameter is less than 50mm is allowed.

Assembly Test

When UHP Fitting is manufactured, sampling and assembly test shall be arranged. The fastening torque of products and damage of seal  shall be grasped and leakage of composed spool shall be checked.

Clean System Specification

Washing, assembly and packaging of all the producats shall be done in clean rooms and vacuum and double packing shall be done to prevent external pollution.

- Federal Standard 209 ISO 14644-1
Clean Room Class 100 Class 5 (3520)
Final Packing Class 10 Class 4 (352)