Process Management

All the processes and tests shall be maintained according to ISO9001/14001 and the applicable specifications shall take priority over others when receiving legal codes and customer specifications.

Processing Process

Process of products shall be arranged according to drawings and there must not be harmful burr and stab.

Washing and After Treatment Process

Washing must be carried out to remove cutting oil and pollutants after process.

After treatment process according to raw material type shall follow UNII – 705 – 02. (After treatment work standard by Material)

Assembly and Test Process

Assembly and tests of products should have clean environments under bright lighting without pollutants.

Sampling of products which are being produced shall regularly be done according to standard documents of shipment tests and assembly torque and leakage shall be checked for their uniform quality control.

Packaging and Identification

Pollution should be prevented by covering by covering tie holes of screws with clean caps and stoppers.

Products shall contain brands, materials, product names, Lot nos., and screw types and the product names and quantity shall be written on wrapping paper.