- UNILOK Corporation Location

UNILOK Corporation Location Map
Head Office / The 1st Factory Tel. 82-32-821-6673 Fax. 82-32-821-6604
152 Black, 12 Lot, Namdong Complex, 37 Namdongdong-ro 64 beon gil (Gojan-dong), Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea.
The 2nd Factory Tel. 82-32-433-6601 Fax. 82-32-441-7600
114 Block, 8 Lot, Namdong Complex, 87 Namdongseo-ro 83 beon-gil (Gojan-dong), Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea.
  • The 1st Gyeongin Expressway (Car)
    Turn left in the last stop of the expressway → Costal road → Drive straight in the overpass of Songdo City → Pass LNG Insu base and turn left in the next traffic lights → Drive straight, pass the mechatronics industry, and turn right → UNILOK Corporation
  • The 2nd Gyeongin Expressway (Car)
    Enter the industrial complex direction of Namdong IC (Namdong-ro) → Turn left in Anmal Intersection in front of SK Gas Station → Drive straight and turn right in the first traffic light → Turn left inthe second small intersection → UNILOK Corporation
  • The 3nd Gyeongin Expressway (Car)
    Gojan TG (The 3rd Gyeonin Expressway) → Enter Aam daero before Costal Underpass → Turn right in the three-way intersection above Cstal Underpass (Hoguporo) → Turn left woth caution in the second small intersection → UNILOK Corporation
  • Public Transportation (Bus)
    Get on the bus No.753 in Dongchun Station → Get off at the SPDI Station (ID
    39015) → UNILOK Corporation