Company CI

- UNILOK Corporation

UNILOK CI Concept Color
UNILOK CI Concept Black

Symbol Mark

Connecting Worldwide

UNILOK’s high technical skills, customer-centered ideology, and the properties of products which connect A to B were conceptualized based on strong reliability. It’s Connected by the concept of batons to visualize this effectively.
And it’s the design which visualizes this. The symbol mark visualized the scene that you pass over the baton simple and it means trust about customers and strong promise about product quality.

Orange represents energy of Unilok and activity to take a powerful step toward the world. Red means strong tenacity and reliability for quality.

In the future, the new symbol mark of UNILOK will be utilized as the medium to represent products and strengthen the company’s ideology.

Logo Type

UNILOK Logo Type

In American Market

UNILOK American Logo Type

Company Name

UNILOK Company Name Logo
UNILOK Company Name Logo
UNILOK Company Name Logo
UNILOK Company Name Logo

UNILOK’s logo type can be independently used. Or it be done as the word mark and signature.
As the logo type forms UNILOK’s unique image, you should be very careful to use the forms and colors.


Combination of the left and right sides

Combination of the upper and lower sides

UNILOK Signiture Logo
UNILOK Signiture Logo
UNILOK Signiture Logo
UNILOK Signiture Logo

The Signature system means combination of the symbol mark and the logo type based on the uniform pattern. The logo type is combined up and down based on the symbol mark.
In this case, the logo type plays the assistant role in helping smoother communication.

Clear Space

UNILOK Logo Clear Space

Products Brand

UNILOK Brand Valve
UNILOK Brand Fitting
UNILOK Brand Primet